Austria is a Stable Property Market

Buying Austrian property for a home or investment makes good sense:~

  •      Austria benefits from a very low crime rate; it is a very safe country in which to live and visit.
  •      Austria is politically stable country and a valued member of the EU which it joined in 1995.
  •      No discernable corruption in the legal system or police.
  •      It has a highly developed, stable, well organised banking system.
  •      Austria still has a healthy economy and is still one of the wealthiest EU countries. 
  •      Unemployment levels are low.
  •      The standard of living is high yet the cost of living is reasonable and compares to the UK.
  •      Austria benefits from an excellent, modern and well funded infrastructure.
  •      The property market is stable with many reasonably priced properties.
  •      Property tends to be extremely well built.
  •      There are two good letting seasons per year, thus increasing your personal enjoyment and letting potential.
  •      With good advertising, good rental potential is a probability, both in the Alps and the main cities.
  •      Austria is a leader in caring for the environment. The country is clean and lakes, rivers and streams are drinkable! 
  •      Alpine air is incredible! It is clean, fresh and invigorating.
  •      Austria has wonderful cities of culture and some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world.
  •      Austria is a paradise for sports land nature lovers alike.